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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Visualization is the key to a child's vocabulary

I call it visualization.

The idea is simple: Just pick a word and relate it to something visual in a familiar world and make a sentence using the word and its meaning in English which also interprets the visual idea. Confused? Here's how it works:

For example, let's take the word, excusado (toilet). Just visualize a boy asking for permission to use the toilet, saying, "Excuse me, I want to do it in the toilet!" This way, whenever you want to recall the word, toilet, you will also recall the visual sentence and get the Spanish meaning instantly!

Another example would be the word Arroz (rice). Here, you can visualize a plate of rice you are going to have when suddenly somebody accidentally shoots an arrow in your rice.

Got the concept? Visually associating the word to a known idea or thing to remember the meaning more easily and for longer. This ain't no rocket-science, friends. You'll be surprised to know that this is the most natural way of learning a language and therefore, the most effective and rapid! Ever noticed an infant growing up picking up words from his surroundings one by one and building up on his mother-tongue? Try it out and you'll understand what power visualization has in learning any language with a mother-tongue proficiency. As I gave an example of Arroz, here are a few more to help you understand my idea better:

Blanco (white) - snow covered peak of Mont Blanc

Amarillo (yellow) - a man married to an armadillo!

Nevado (snowy) - lot of snow on Sierra Nevada

Soleado (sunny) - we do receive a lot of solar energy on a sunny day, don't we?

Calor (hot) - heat is always measured in calories

Fresco (cool) - fresh and cool!

Helado (freezing) - a hailstorm in a freezing weather

Con viento (windy) - a well-ventilated home feels windier

Esposo/a (husband/wife) – Spouse in English! Rings a bell?

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