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Sunday, June 10, 2007

¿Boricua o Puertorriqueño?

There are many Puerto Ricans often proudly identify themselves as Boricua, loosely based on Borincano (archaic), both words originating from the Taíno word Boriken (also known as Boriquén, Borinquen, or Borinquén), to illustrate their recognition of their Taíno heritage.

The word Boriken, which translates to "the great land of the valiant and noble Lord", was used by the original Taíno Indian population to refer to the island of Puerto Rico before the arrival of the Spanish. The use of the word Boricua has been popularized in the island and abroad by descendents of Puerto Rico heritage, commonly using the phrase, "Soy Boricua" ("I am Boricua", or "I am Puerto Rican") to identify themselves as Puerto Ricans.

Apart from Puerto Ricans calling themselves "Boricuas", people of the Dominican Republic often refer to Puerto Ricans as "Boricuas" (they, in turn, call themselves "Quisqueyanos" for the Taino name for their island: Quisqueya).

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Los Boricuas, a Puerto Rican professional wrestling stable in the World Wrestling Federation in 1997-98.

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Interesting. This information makes for a very interesting history lesson. I had never heard of the Taino Indians before, and it had not accured to me that native Puerto Ricans were not originally Spanish. That's terribly embarrassing to admit, but it makes sense now that I think about it. I really need to go study my history and learn how the Spanish came to South America.