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Monday, June 4, 2007

¡¡¡Hola amigos!!!

Here goes the first post finally! Was struggling for ages to put this together but was just confused where to start. There is just so much to share!

Well, I guess now that I have invested enough time just contemplating the idea, it should come out well. I am not very sure how it turns out but to begin with, I'll jus give you a hint of things you can expect here. Probably links to cool sites I find, as well as news articles, music links, etc.

Essentially, this would remain a place to know about any and everything remotely associated with Spanish and the Latino culture. Here, I'll be posting some hardcore tricks to learn Spanish words and grammar, not available anyplace else on the Net. Not for free, at least. This is an open forum which can succeed only if you contribute. And do so with a heartfelt dedication. More importantly, this is a nice place to interact with readers of my regular newsletters, which you can find archived to your right some weeks down the line.

So, happy learning, and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Grammar tip for Amigos ad: there is no such word
as pronounciation. The correct word is pronunciation.
This would be like a math teacher saying that 3 to
the 2nd power is 6 rather than the correct 9.

Thank you-a retired Biology teacher.

Anonymous said...

Thanks teacher. But I am still struggling to find that misspent word in this blog! Where did you catch it?

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