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Monday, June 18, 2007

Some Spanish verbs easy to learn

When looking at the verbs that follow, remember that Spanish verbs end in ar, er, or ir. Accept that fact and then, in your mind, remove the Spanish verb-ending. You will find that the Spanish verb bears a close similarity to one of the English equivalents that appear on its right.

Oh, By the way, Spanish mostly doesn't use double consonants, such as bb, cc, rr, ff, gg, nn, etc. (An ll is the noticeable exception.) If you remember this, it will be easier for you to see the similarity between Spanish and English words.

For example, remove the ar from abortar and what do you have? To miscarry or to have a miscarriage. Isn't that the same as to abort?

The same is true for the Spanish verb, abandonar and absolver. Remove their endings and you are looking at to abandon and to absolve.

Included in the list, however, are a few verbs that differ from English by more than their ar, ir, or endings. For example, included in the list are erabalanzar (to balance), acelerar (to accelerate), abreviar (to abbreviate), and agitar (to agitate). Here they are. The Spanish is on the left; the English on the right.

Abalanzar to balance

Abandonar to abandon, to desert

Abolir to abolish

Abominar to abominate, to abhor, to detest

Abortar to miscarry, to have a miscarriage, to give birth prematurely, to fail (similar to abort)

Abreviar to abbreviate, to shorten, to condense

Abrogar to abrogate, to repeal, to annul

Absolver to absolve, to free from guilt, to pardon, to acquit

Absorber to absorb

Abstenerse to abstain, to refrain

Abusar to abuse, to mistreat, to misuse

Acelerar to accelerate, to speed up, to quicken, to hurry, to hasten

Acentuar to accentuate, to emphasize, to accent

Aceptar to accept, to approve, to admit

Aclamar to acclaim, to cheer, to hail, to applaud

Acomodar to arrange, to adjust, to accommodate, to lodge, to place

Acompañar to accompany, to escort

Acreditar to credit, to bring fame or credit to

Activar to activate, to make active, to speed up, to hasten

Acumular to accumulate, to gather, to pile up

Acusar to accuse, to denounce

Adherir to adhere to, to stick

Adjudicar to adjudge, to award, to assign (isn't this similar to adjudicate?)

Admirar to admire

Admitir to admit, to let in, to accept, to allow, to permit

Adoptar to adopt, to accept

Adorar to adore, to worship

Adornar to adorn, to decorate

Adquirir to acquire, to gain, to win, to obtain (omit the d and you see the similarity)

Adulterar to adulterate, to corrupt, to make impure

Advertir to notice to warn, to advertise

Afectar to affect, to move, to pretend to have or feel

Afirmar to affirm, to assert, to make firm

Agenciar to negotiate, to procure by negotiation, to promote (similar to agency)

Agitar to agitate, to excite, to stir, to wave, to shake

Aglomerar to mass together, to cluster (similar to agglomerate)

Agraciar to grace, to adorn

Agrandar to enlarge, to aggrandize, to make greater

Agravar to aggravate, to make worse

Aguar to dilute with water, to water (remember aqua)

Ahumar to smoke, to fume (similar to fumar in French)

Ajustar to adjust, to fit tight, to regulate

Alarmar to alarm

Alegar to allege, to assert

Alegrar to cheer up, to gladden, to brighten

Aliar to ally, to unite

Alterar to alter, to change, to disturb

Alternar to alternate, to take turns

Amalgamar to amalgamate, to combine, to mix, to blend

Amoldar to mold, to shape, to adjust, to adapt

Amortizar to pay on account, to liquidate, to pay, to provide a sinking fund (similar to amortize)

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