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Friday, June 22, 2007

Some Spanish verbs easy to learn - III

Here is the third installment of the series that last appeared on June 20, 2007, by the name, Some Spanish verbs easy to learn. In this series, we discuss some Spanish verbs that derive from roots common to their English counterparts making it easier for you to learn most of these vital words in Spanish. Here are 50 such verbs for this installment:

Autorizar to authorize

Avaluar to value, to appraise

Avanzar to advance

Avasallar to subject, to dominate, to subdue (similar to vassal)

Aventurar to venture, to risk

Avinagrar to sour, to make sour or acidic (do you see vinegar?)

Balancear to balance, to rock, to roll, to swing

Balotar to ballot, to vote

Basar to base

Batallar to battle, to fight, to struggle

Batear to bat

Batir to beat, to whip

Beneficiar to benefit, to do good

Calcular to calculate

Calibrar to gauge, to measure, to measure the caliber of

Calmar to calm, to quieten, to soothe

Cancelar to cancel

Capitalizar to capitalize

Capitular to surrender

Capturar to capture, to arrest

Cardar to card, to comb (wool)

Catalogar to catalogue

Causar to cause

Ceder to cede, to transfer, to yield, to surrender, to submit

Celebrar to celebrate

Cementar to cement

Censurar to censure, to criticize

Centrar to center

Certificar to certify, to register

Cesar to cease, to stop, to quit

Clarificar to clarify, to make clear

Clasificar to classify

Coagular to coagulate, to thicken

Coincidir to coincide

Colaborar to collaborate, to work together

Colonizar to colonize

Colorar to color, to stain, to die

Comandar to command (troops)

Combinar to combine, to unite

Comenzar to begin (similar to commence)

Comisionar to commission

Conmemorar to commemorate

Comparar to compare

Compeler to compel, to force

Compilar to compile

Completar to complete, to finish

Complicar to complicate

Computar to compute, to calculate

Comunicar to communicate, to notify

Conceder to concede, to grant, to admit

Works for you? I am sure it should. Part 4 of this series will follow shortly. So, keep visiting and spread your learning! Happy learning...

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