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Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Spanish alphabet

It may interest you to know that not all authorities (or at least not all textbooks) agree on which letters make up the alphabet. Some lists don't include W (sometimes referred to as doble ve) and K, which exist almost exclusively in words of foreign origin, such as kilowatt. And some lists count RR (erre), CH and LL, all of which have distinctive sounds in combination. However, here is a comprehensive, universally accepted listing:

A: a

B: be

C: ce

D: de

E: e

F: efe

G: ge

H: hache

I: i

J: jota

K: ka

L: ele

M: eme

N: ene

Ñ: eñe

O: o

P: pe

Q: cu

R: ere

S: ese

T: te

U: u

V: ve

W: uve doble

X: equis

Y: i griega

Z: zeta

It used to be that dictionaries would list all the words beginning with CH separately, after the words beginning with C, so, for example, the word achatar would be listed after acordar. But in most modern dictionaries, the words are alphabetized as they would be in English (except that the
Ñ comes after the N).

Note also that the letters B and V have exactly the same pronunciation, and their names are pronounced exactly alike. Some colorful expressions are used to indicate which letter is being used, such as B de burro and V de vaca (roughly, "B as in burro" and "V as in vaca"). Sometimes B is referred to as be grande ("big B") and the V as uve or ve chica ("little V").

You will find as you learn Spanish that vowels are often written with accents, as in tablón, and the U is sometimes topped with a dieresis or umlaut, as in vergüenza. However, vowels with such diacritical marks are not considered separate letters as they can be in some other languages.

Note also that the letters of the alphabet are feminine: la a, "the a"; la b, "the b."

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It used to be that dictionaries would place ch after c, so, for example, the word achatar would be listed after acordar. But that is no longer the case. In most modern dictionaries, the words are alphabetized as they would be in English.

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