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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Some Spanish verbs easy to learn - IV

Here's the much awaited fourth installment in the series on Spanish verbs easy to learn due to their similarity with their English counterparts. So, following are the 47 new Spanish verbs that, believe me, you already know!

Concentrar to concentrate

Concernir to concern

Conciliar to conciliate, to win over, to reconcile

Concluir to conclude, to finish

Concordar to agree, to be in harmony (similar to concord)

Concurrir to concur, to meet together

Condensar to condense

Condenar to condemn, to sentence

Condescender to condescend

Condimentar to season (similar to condiment)

Confiar to confide, to entrust

Conectar to connect

Confederar to confederate

Conferir to confer, to give, to bestow

Confesar to confess

Confirmar to confirm

Confiscar to confiscate

Conformar to adapt, to adjust

Confortar to comfort, to console

Confrontar to confront, to face

Congelar to congeal, to freeze

Congratular to congratulate

Congregar to congregate, to call together

Conjeturar to conjecture, to guess, to surmise

Conjugar to conjugate

Consentir to consent, to permit

Conservar to conserve, to keep

Considerar to consider

Consignar to consign

Consistir to consist, to be based on

Consolar to console, to cheer

Consolidar to consolidate, to make solid

Conspirar to conspire, to plot

Constituir to constitute, to form

Construir to construct, to build

Consultar to consult

Consumar to consummate, to complete

Consumir to consume, to waste

Contaminar to contaminate, to defile

Contemplar to contemplate

Contener to contain, to restrain

Continuar to continue, to last

Contradecir to contradict

Contrastar to contrast

Contribuir to contribute

Controlar to control

Convencer to convince.

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