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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Se encuentran dos amigos.

Two friends run into each other.)

- Oye, macho, ¡tengo un pato que habla!

"Hey [listen], man, I have a duck that talks!”)

- Amos, hombre, no digas tonterías.

("Come on, man, don't say stupid things.")

- Que sí, ya verás. Ven a mi casa y lo ves.

("But it's true, you'll see. Come to my house and you'll see it.")

Llegan a la casa, abren la puerta y aparece un pato.

(They arrive at the house, open the door, and a duck appears.)

- A ver. Pato, tráeme una corbata.

("Watch. Duck, bring me a tie.")

- ¡Cuaaa!


- Pst...¡la de rayas misma!

("Geez . . . the striped one! [Cuál = Which?])

Gerri said...

I am going to say this to my neighbor from Mexico.. lol..

steve said...

nice one! gotta love the duck jokes (in any language!)

school in Raleigh Durham said...

Hi, Its really funny. I like the joke. You can have lot of more joke for elephant and ant too.

fashionmurdoc said...

haha,it is funny to me.

rosetta stone said...

("Watch. Duck, bring me a tie.") who said this????

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Maggie said...

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El doctor llama por teléfono a su paciente:

The doctor calls his patient by telephone:

- Vera, tengo una noticia buena y otra mala.

"Vera, I have good news and bad news."

- Bueno... dígame primero la buena.

"Well then, . . . tell me the good news first."

- Los resultados del análisis indican que le quedan 24 horas de vida.

"The results of the analysis indicate that you have 24 hours left to live."

- Pero, bueno, ¿eso es la buena noticia? ¿Entonces cuál es la mala?

"Well, that's the good news? Then what's the bad news?"

- Que llevo intentando localizarle desde ayer.

"That I have been trying to reach you since yesterday."

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